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Live chat for your website
Bot to automate dialogs

live chat for the website.

Add chat to your website and take advantage of online communication

The use of live chat on your website enables you to have an online dialogue with your customers, thereby increasing the credibility of your website. By adding ChatAndBot widget you can not only communicate with your visitors yourself, but also set up a chat-bot, so it will work insted of you and answer standard questions.

Our chatbot will help you to be online without interruptions

Chatbot settings allow not only to answer questions, but also to simulate dialogues of almost any complexity. Once the robot is integrated, live chat becomes a powerful means of round-the-clock customer support.

Chatbot API for website and other applications

If you only need a chatbot without a widget, you can connect it using our API. Our API allows you to create a chat not only for your website, but also for any other application. To interact with the robot, you only need to send a request and process the response in your code.


Watch the visitor's actions and prompt at the right moment.

And much more...

Follow a simple registration process, copy the code to your website and you'll be able to start talk with your customers online immediately. For a full list of features click here Plans
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