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How to add a live chat to your site yourself

If you have created an online store, then you just need to have an live chat. Because only this tool makes it possible to immediately answer customer questions.
There are two ways to add a chat:
1. Hire a programmer
2. Do it yourself.
The first method is probably the fastest, but you will have to give the developer access to your site. The second method will require little effort from you, but it does not require providing access to strangers, in addition, if you want to add chat of the ChatAndBot service, then you will be provided with free consultations.

Step-by-step instruction for adding a chat to your website if it was created using a constructor ( Wix, etc.)

1. You need to sign up on the
2. Open the Sites tab.
3. Select "My Site".
4. Copy the widget code by clicking the "Copy to clipboard" button.
5.Open the settings of your constructor and select “add third-party code” (depending on the constructor, the name may differ, but all services have this functionality). Paste the code copied in paragraph 4. Then follow the instructions of your service.”

Step-by-step instructions for adding without a constructor

1. Repeat steps 1-4 from the previous chapter.
2. Open a page of your site for editing and paste the copied code before the </body> tag.
3. Save changes. You now have an live chat. It should be noted that the structures of sites can be complex and if you cannot find your pages, then you can always contact the ChatAndBot support service for free consultations.